Tukung Hill in Brebes Regency, Central Java Province

Lots of people have recognized how beautiful Brebes Regency is, especially when it comes to highlands. For example, there is Tukung Hill at Parireja Village, Banjarharjo Sub-District. Another name is AADT Hill, actually. Some tourists call it a mountain, while others call it a hill instead. Despite the name, the site offers the best view of sunrise and sunrise to visitors! Even though it is quite famous, it doesn’t come with much information and history. No wonder, some call it a mysterious hill. The most common activities that tourists do in Tukung Hill are trekking, sightseeing, relaxation, photography, and family recreation.

The Nuance
Like other hills in Brebes Regency, Tukung Hill offers a refreshing nuance with stunning panorama. Lots of green trees grow and surround the site. Not to mention the air feels quite breezy and soothing up there. The best views are indeed both the sunrise and sunrise, so tourists can choose the best time to witness either of them. What is more? The site features several facilities for tourists to relax including wooden benches and viewing post. One thing, tourists should be careful when exploring the hill as it doesn’t come with any fences.

Exploring Tukung Hill
Tukung Hill is a good choice for those who love trekking. Thanks to the easy route. Everyone can enjoy trekking comfortably regardless of experience and knowledge. What they need is a good stamina and proper supply like bottled water. It may take some time and stamina to get to the top of the hill, after all. The next important consideration is related to the time of visit. Tourists should come during a good weather or aside from the rainy season. No one wants to go trekking during rain, no?

Well, aside from trekking, people come to Tukung Hill in order to retreat or spend a peaceful vacation with families. Thanks to the peaceful nuance offered by the hills, people are able to eradicate stresses in an efficient manner. Some of them even want to find inspiration while exploring the hill. The view of tall trees and vast local farms are seen clearly from up there, especially during a good weather.

Photography also becomes a reason why many people come to Tukung Hill. Not only visitors are able to take selfies, but they also can capture various types of beautiful objects up there including the mountains and nearby villages. It doesn’t have to be an expensive camera, as a simple smartphone is good enough to capture pictures. Do not forget to carry snacks and bottled water while heading to the hill though.

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How to Get There
From Semarang City, a trip to Tukung Hill may take around 5 hours and 3 minutes. It is because the distance is 218 km. For a faster trip, though, everyone should take only Raya Pantura Street. The first destination is Banjarharjo Sub-District. Lastly, tourists need only to head to Parireja Village and conduct trekking to get to the top of the hill.

Where to Stay

  • Anggraeni Hotel
  • Agung Jaya Hotel

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