Tirta Husada Hot Spring in Brebes Regency, Central Java Province

A family recreation is the best method to build a better relationship with family members. One thing that matters is the destination. In this case, for those coming to Brebes Regency, they should consider visiting Tirta Husada Hot Spring. The location is in Kedungoleng Village and it belongs to Paguyangan Sub-District. Due to its popularity, the site has many visitors both on regular days and holidays in fact. It is because people can enjoy playing water and taking a bath in a comfy and warm pool, surrounded by lush trees and peaceful environment.

The Nuance
The best thing is that Tirta Husada Hot Spring is located in the midst of a forest. Despite the fact, it comes with excellent facilities. The prime feature is the man-made pool itself, which can accommodate lots of people. The water is clear and warm! Not to mention it is not deep at all, so kids can enjoy bathing safely. Other facilities are available including a canteen and toilets! What people need to do is to pay the entry fee! As for the tip, they must come during regular days in order to avoid too crowded atmosphere (which usually happens during weekends and holidays).

Exploring Tirta Husada Hot Spring
Tirta Husada Hot Spring becomes an ideal place to spend a family recreation during a holiday or weekend. Specifically, it is suitable for those who look for relaxation. The warm water of the pool soothes both body and mind, after all. What tourists need to consider is only the time when they visit the site. For those who don’t like the crowd, they must come during regular days instead of holidays. This way, the number of visitors is low so there is much space left in the pond. Not to mention the nuance becomes more peaceful at the time.

Aside from the warm water of the pool, visitors are also impressed by the stunning panorama of the site. It is because the hot spring is surrounded by big trees and located in a highland. No wonder, the ambiance is quite refreshing regardless of the time. It is even said the water helps to eradicate various diseases including rheumatics, skin problems, sores, and many others! Not to mention it relieves stresses caused by busy routines.

Another important thing to consider is related to the cleanliness. The common rule is that visitors are not allowed to use any soap when taking a bath in the pool. It is because the soap may ruin the essence of the water and spoil it!

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How to Get There
It is easy to get to Tirta Husada Hot Spring. From Semarang City, a trip to the site may take around 6 hours and 9 minutes as the distance is 238 km. The first destination is Paguyangan Sub-District at Brebes Regency. Lastly, tourists only need to head to Kedungoleng Village where the hot spring resides. For a faster trip, it is recommended to take Raya Pantura Street.

Where to Stay

  • Salsa Dalila Hotel
  • Fisa Hotel
  • Green Mulia Hotel
  • Nafata Hotel

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