Putri Waterfall in Bumijawa Sub-District, Brebes Regency

Many waterfalls reside in Banjar Regency and have attracted lots of tourists over time. One of them is called Putri Waterfall and it is located on the border of Brebes and Tegal Regency. To be exact, it resides in Benda Village and belongs to Bumijawa Sub-District. Even though it is not as famous as major tourist sites in Brebes, it offers a distinct nuance to tourists. For example, it is related to the secluded location which provides a perfect atmosphere for relaxation. The challenging route and landscape even give an opportunity to tourists to enjoy trekking and exploration!

The Nuance
As the time goes by, more people start recognizing Putri’s beauty. Not only it features a majestic waterfall, but the site also has a grandiose cliff with its lush nature. Plus, the location is near to beautiful hills so tourists can enjoy trekking during the visit later. In terms of size, the waterfall is indeed tall but it is not climbable. Have no worries. The presence of a natural pond located below the waterfall bores no one. Do not get too close to the waterfall if you do not want to get wet, though, as the splash of the water is strong.

Exploring Putri Waterfall
It is true tourists must undergo a short trekking before while visiting Putri Waterfall. The fact is the route is quite challenging, due to the secluded location. Moreover, no vehicles are able to access it! The trekking may cost about 30 minutes, so visitors must prepare enough bottled water and come with a good stamina. Plus, it is important to wear comfortable footwear due to the slippery and steep route. Well, despite the tiredness and difficulty, the trip features beautiful scenery including local farms and refreshing air of nearby villages.

For those coming with a tour guide, they may learn some history regarding Putri Waterfall. It is said there were two waterfalls there. Due to the decrease in water discharge, one of them had vanished naturally. So, what makes Putri Waterfall special? It is the strong water discharge. No wonder, the sound of gurgling water is loud and the appearance of the waterfall looks quite majestic. This also explains why most people come there to enjoy photography, either taking selfies or taking pictures of the waterfall itself.

The next thing to know is related to the name. According to the locals, the name was inspired by the beauty of the site (which is similar to an angel). Thus, “Putri” means a heaven’s angel. It is also said that place was once used by angels to take a bath during a visit to earth. For detailed information, tourists should ask the tour guide.

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How to Get There
A trip to Putri Waterfall is considered long if tourists come from Semarang City. The trip may take about 5 hours and 17 minutes as the distance is 206 km. In this case, tourists should consider using the best transportation service and take the fastest route if they want to get to the site faster. As for the reference, Raya Pantura Street is the best choice.

Where to Stay

  • Queen Garden Hotel
  • Santika Hotel
  • Besar Hotel
  • Duta Wisata Hotel
  • Salsa Hotel
  • Sentani Guci Hotel

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