Kalibaya Park in Brebes Regency, Central Java Province

For those living in Brebes Regency must have been familiar with Kalibaya Park. However, for outsiders, they should know many things related to this stunning vacation destination. The location is in Pasir Panjang Village and it resides in Salem Sub-District. The site is suitable for those who are interested in outdoor activities and relaxation. In a nutshell, Kalibaya is a natural park located in a highland. That means visitors may expect a beautiful panorama and refreshing air there. Here is the fact. It is considered a new tourist site in Indonesia, so the environment is still in a perfect condition.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Kalibaya Park is surrounded by big trees and lush bushes. A route to the site is also challenging, as tourists need to pass through a meandered trekking route. Not to mention they should traverse a forest located in Lio Mountain. Lots of pine trees grow there as well. The fact is that Kalibaya Park is located in the top of the mountain, so everyone should come with a good stamina and enough bottled water. Have no worries. The reward never disappoints. Not only they can see the stunning panorama once arriving at the site, but they can also take advantage of available facilities including viewing posts, ATV track, outbound, and many others.

Exploring Kalibaya Park
First things come first. Tourists should know the meaning of the name of that park. According to the locals, Kalibaya stands for Kawasan Lio Rimba Raya. It is because the park is located at the Peak of Lio Mountain. Not to mention it is managed by the local government and nearby villagers. No wonder, the condition is quite excellent which is both clean and comfortable. There are two types of visitors. The first one often comes during regular days, when the nuance is peaceful. On the other hand, some others choose to come during weekends or holidays in order to enjoy a more festive nuance.

The best thing to do in Kalibaya Park is definitely sightseeing. Once arriving at the site, tourists may see various panoramas including the view of a famous reservoir called Malahayu. Aside from sightseeing, it is also recommended to climb on the tree house provided by the management. The views look amazing too up there. However, only brave tourists would go up to that tree house.

The next allure in Kalibaya Park is the presence of a music stage. Thus, tourists should come only during special events like arts and musical performances. What is more? Here is the best feature. The park also comes with a new camping ground, so visitors can enjoy camping either with families or friends! Do not miss such opportunity, therefore.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Semarang City, they can directly head to Kalibaya Park at Brebes Regency. The distance is 231 km, so the trip may take around 5 hours and 26 minutes. The best route to take is Raya Pantura Street, as it is the fastest. Once arriving at Salem Sub-District, the last thing to do is to reach Pasir Panjang Village and go trekking to the top of Lio Mountain (where the park resides).

Where to Stay

  • Agung Jaya Hotel
  • Salsa Dalila Hotel
  • Borobudur Hotel
  • Sri Rahayu Hotel

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