Citimbang Waterfall in Brebes Regency, Central Java Province

What is the best medicine for stresses and boredom? Well, it is as simple as visiting a beautiful natural attraction like waterfalls. For those who have the plane in visiting Brebes Regency, they have a good option called Citimbang Waterfall. The name derives from the location, which is Citimbang Village. Actually, many people also call it Cipicung. It resides in Salem Sub-District and has been chosen as one of the best waterfalls in Brebes. For the information, people often come to this Indonesia site in order to enjoy its peaceful nuance and conduct many fun activities like photography and exploration.

The Nuance
Once arriving at the site, the first impression is amusing. The refreshing air and calming sound of the waterfall soothe all visitors. In terms of size, Citimbang Waterfall has the height of 20 meters. Even though it doesn’t feature a big natural pond, tourists can play water there. The next feature is the wooden bridge built by the locals on where tourists can conduct photography and relaxation. Do not forget the fact that the site is surrounded by trees and bushes, which make it shady and comfortable.

Exploring Citimbang Waterfall
One of the reasons to come to Citimbang / Cipicung Waterfall is the trip itself. It is because tourists should pass through a challenging route in order to reach the site. The prime destination is indeed Salem Sub-District, but tourists must get to Sugih Mountain first. Once arriving at the location, they can take advantage of a motorcycle taxi and head to the entrance of the waterfall right away (which is located in Citimbang Village). The last thing to do is trekking! Have no worries, beautiful plants and lush trees accompany everyone during the trip. That means it is going to be a fun adventure!

Once arriving at Citimbang Waterfall, the tiredness goes away in an instant! The soothing nuance helps visitors to relax, after all. For those who carry a camera, they can start taking pictures and exploring the site right away. Everyone should be careful, though. It is because the route is slippery and uneven. As for the best spot to take photos, they must get to the available wooden bridge located in front of the waterfall. That spot is suitable to take selfie too, somehow.

Even though visitors can do almost anything at Citimbang Waterfall, including eating together with families, they must not spoil the environment. That means littering is quite prohibited! Everyone should take care of the trash after eating, therefore. Also, it is not allowed to spoil the natural pond during bathing. Thus, do not use soaps while bathing in it. That’s all.

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How to Get There
From the capital of Central Java Province, Semarang City, tourists can take any available transportation service and head to Citimbang Waterfall right away. Their destination Salem Sub-District in Brebes Regency, for sure. This trip may take around 7 hours and 30 minutes, as the distance is 267 km. Still, it can be faster if tourists take Raya Pantura Street.

Where to Stay

  • Agung Jaya Hotel
  • Salsa Dalila Hotel
  • Sri Rahayu Hotel

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