Delicious Traditional Foods of Brebes Regency, Central Java Province

One of the reasons for visiting Brebes Regency is to try any available local foods and snacks. In a nutshell, people recognize the region as the center of the salted egg production. However, other unique and delicious foods are available for tourists to try during the visit. Both the ingredients and recipes are unique, so tourists won’t find those foods in other regions. So, what are they? These include Sate Kambing Muda, Soka Crab, Blengong, Local Fried Chicken, and Glabed. All of them are tasty! Not to mention the price is quite affordable. Plus, it is easy to find them!

The Best Places to Eat
For some tourists while in Indonesia, the best place to get those foods is at the hotel where they are staying. Well, they are not wrong. However, the price may be more expensive as compared to local eateries. Also, the nuance is different if they decide to come to local eateries and eat together with the locals. Somehow, it gives a more satisfying sensation to them. On top of that, they have the chance to see how those foods are made directly.

Enjoying Those Delicious Traditional Foods
The good thing is tourists can choose various local foods freely, based on their preferences. The first option is called Sate Kambing Muda or goat skewer. Instead of using lamb, villagers take advantage of chevon! No wonder, it has a softer texture so everyone can bite the meat easier. Plus, it comes with an extra portion! Not to mention the spices are excellent, creating a distinct taste for tourists to enjoy. Moreover, it is easy to get the foods, as many local eateries provide it.

The next popular culinary in Brebes Regency is called Soka Crab. In order to get this food, tourists should head to Mangrovesari Kaliwlingi. The unique characteristic is that the crab has soft shells. Plus, it comes with excellent spices and side dishes. Even though the price is a little bit expensive as compared to others, this one indeed becomes the best food to try in Brebes. As an alternative, there is Blengong or duck meat. It comes with savory broth and delicious spices. The good thing is tourists can get the grilled version as well.

When visiting Brebes Regency, tourists should not forget to try the local fried chicken. Both the taste and texture is different as compared to other chicken, so everyone should try it. Later, before going back home, it is recommended to try Glabed as well. This one is similar to a rice cake, but it has a richer taste and more interesting appearance!

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How to Get There
To try the original taste of those foods, tourists should come to Brebes Regency directly. If they come from Semarang City, the trip may take about 5 hours as the distance is 210 km. Have no worries. It would be faster if they take Raya Pantura Street. As for the tip, it is recommended to come with a tour guide who can tell the best places to eat those foods!

Where to Stay

  • D’Rain Hotel
  • Kedaton Hotel
  • Primebiz Hotel
  • Alexander Hotel
  • Anggraeni Hotel

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