Pandansari Mangroves Site in Brebes Regency, Central Java Province

Each person has a distinct preference when it comes to a vacation destination. For example, some are looking for a serene nuance to get rid of stresses while others are into adventurous trips. Well, those who want to feel a peaceful atmosphere and refreshing environment, they should consider visiting Pandansari Mangrove Site in Brebes Regency. As the name suggests, the location is in Pandansari Village and it offers a lush mangrove forest to visitors. Most visitors come to the site to enjoy a family recreation and relaxation, actually. Also, some others visit it to satisfy their photography hobby.

The Nuance
As people may expect, they may find a shady mangrove forest there. The environment is both clean and refreshing. It is said the local government retains such beautiful place in order to prevent abrasion. Plus, the forest functions as a natural stronghold against tsunami. These days, though, people take advantage of the site as a new vacation destination in Brebes Regency. They choose it as a place for relaxation and gather with families during weekends. Even though the size of the area is not that big, it is able to accommodate lots of visitors at once. Thanks to the management. They take a good care of the site, which explains why the mangrove park is clean and soothing.

Exploring Pandansari Mangroves Site
The most common thing to do in Pandansari Mangroves Site is exploration. That means tourists may explore the site by foot, which is considered fun and relaxing. The total area is approximately 200 hectares and there are more than 2 billion mangroves to see! No wonder, due to such amazing atmosphere, both locals and outsiders are interested in visiting the site regardless of the time. During exploration, tourists can even see the presence of storks and other birds. It is because those birds often drop by and rest in the mangroves in the morning. Thus, do not forget to capture some pictures of those beautiful animals.

Aside from birds, some other animals also live there including reptiles, fishes, shrimps, amphibians, etc. It is amazing that the site is quite beneficial for both human and animals. So, what can people do aside from exploration? It is as simple as relaxation. Visitors don’t even need to do anything! They can simply sit and relax at the available gazebo in order to enjoy the nuance comfortably.

For those who love fishing, they are allowed to do so! What they need to prepare is only the fishing rod. Later, tourists can also rent a boat and explore the site to their heart’s content! What a relaxing experience! Another allure in Pandansari Mangroves Site is the presence of Pasir Island. Do not forget to visit it as well later!

Nearby Attractions

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  • Ranggon Ujung Fishery
  • Pandansari Village

How to Get There
For those coming from Semarang City, they can directly head to Pandansari Mangrove Site by any local transportation service. The distance is 193 km, so the trip may take around 5 hours and 6 minutes. For a faster trip, though, it is recommended to take Raya Pantura Street.

Where to Stay

  • Prima Cottage
  • Grand Dian Hotel
  • Kencana Hotel
  • Dedy Jaya Hotel

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