Ngguyang Kuwu Tradition in Brebes Regency, Central Java Province

Some tourists may have recognized a popular traditional village in Brebes Regency, which is called Jalaswatu. Not only the village offers a nice landscape to explore, but it also offers interesting traditions for tourists to enjoy during the visit. For example, there is Ngguwang Kuwu Ceremony. The locals have been familiar with such ceremony, as it becomes the prime event during a long dry season. The purpose of the ceremony is none other than to ask for rain from the god. Even though not all people believe in such ceremony, the majority of villagers consider it as the best method to overcome such weather issue. For tourists, it indeed becomes an interesting event to join.

The Nuance
Ngguwang Kuwu is often performed along with another similar event called Bunta Benti. Thus, tourists should no miss both of them while visiting Jalaswatu Later. So, what about the nuance? In a nutshell, the locals may gather to a nearby river and take a bath together. It is said such ritual helps them to get rid of any misfortunes as well as to get a blessing from the god. According to the locals, any prayer would be granted once those people conduct the ritual. The most common request is to get rain right away and overcome the long dry season.

Exploring Ngguyang Kuwu Tradition
The only reason why Ngguwang Kuwu Tradition survives in this modern era is the local belief itself. Not only the locals want to retain their culture, but they also believe the effect. It is said the ceremony has helped them many times when the drought hit their village. As for tourists, they can watch or join the ritual during the long dry season actually. Also, it is better to talk to a tour guide regarding the schedule of the event first before visiting Jalaswatu Village. Another sign is the decrease in water discharge in Rambu Kasang Waterfall!

Well, aside from Ngguyang Kuwu, villagers have an alternative which is called Bunta Benti. In a nutshell, it is a song sung by the locals to entice rain. During the performance, villagers also involve the play of dolls and burn some incenses! No wonder, the nuance becomes quite mystical and creepy. Somehow, it attracts tourists who come to watch it.

Even though some tourists do not believe in such rituals, they won’t miss the chance to witness them for sure. After all, Ngguyang Kuwu has become the part of Brebes Regency’s culture and it attracts lots of tourists over time. So, do not forget to come to Jalaswatu to watch such ceremony directly!

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How to Get There
In order to join and witness Ngguyang Kuwu Tradition, tourists should get to Jalaswatu Village in Brebes Regency. If they come from Semarang City, the trip may take around 5 hours as the distance is 210 km. Also, it is recommended to come with a local guide who can show both direction and tell thorough information regarding the ritual.

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