Kaligua Tea Plantation in Brebes Regency, Central Java Province

Due to hectic daily routines, many people have some issues like stresses, no? Well, in order to overcome this problem, finding a relaxing site for the vacation becomes compulsory for them. In this case, Kaligua Tea Plantation should be in their prime list. As the name suggests, it is located in Kaligua Village which belongs to Paguyangan Sub-District (Brebes Regency). As the time goes by, it has become an Indonesia official tourist site for everyone to visit regardless of the time. The site offers both relaxing ambiance and refreshing air, so visitors are able to enjoy relaxation in a more comfortable manner surrounded by lush tea plants.

The Nuance
Tea plants can only grow in a highland. Kaligua Tea Plantation is not an exception, as it resides in the west of the foot of Slamet Mountain. It is located at the height of between 1500 and 2050 meters above the sea level. This explains why the air feels quite refreshing, having the temperature between 8 and 28 Celsius degree. The best allure is the tea plants, which look green and fresh. Not to mention the scenery looks amazing there. Do not forget the fact that the site also comes with nice facilities especially gazebos.

Exploring Kaligua Tea Plantation
The first thing that tourists may see once arriving at Kaligua Tea Plantation is the stunning scenery of mountains. The vast tea plantation looks quite amazing! In fact, some gazebos reside on where tourists can sit and relax while watching such panorama. Other types of facilities also reside there including tea service, tea walk, inns, tennis court, outbound facility, camping spot, toilets, parking area, and even a small hall!

The next impressive feature in Kaligua Tea Plantation is the duck boat facility. Tourists can find it in a small pond located near to the plantation, after all. For a more challenging activity, they must try a flying fox facility as well. What they need to consider is only the fee. Have no worries, though. The price is quite affordable even though tourists come with friends or families. After all, the experience is not replaceable! If necessary, they should hire a tour guide who is able to explain the history and show the direction efficiently.

For visitors, it is also important to learn a little bit history of the site. According to the locals, Kaligua Tea Plantation has been there since the colonial era (which is around 1889). These days, it has become a significant tourist site in Brebes Regency as well. Not only it features a stunning tea plantation, but the site also offers other attractions like Jepang Cave and Tuk Bening for tourists to explore!

Nearby Attractions

  • Renjeng Lake
  • Tuk Bening Cave
  • Suradinangga Waterfall

How to Get There
For those coming from Semarang City, a trip to Kaligua Tea Plantation may take around 6 hours and 22 minutes. It is because the distance is 222 km. The first destination is Paguyangan Sub-District in Brebes Regency. Lastly, tourists only need to head to Kaligua Village where the tea plantation resides. For a faster trip, though, it is recommended to take Raya Pantura Street.

Where to Stay

  • Sentani Guci Hotel
  • Sankita Hotel
  • Sri Gintung Hotel
  • Fisa Hotel
  • Salsa Dalila Hotel

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