Renjeng Lake in Brebes Regency, Central Java Province

It is common knowledge that Brebes Regency has attracted lots of tourists over time. Not only the region offers interesting culture and delicious local foods, but it also has tons of natural attractions for tourists to visit. One of them is Renjeng Lake, which is located in Pandansari Village. In terms of region, it belongs to Paguyangan Sub-District actually. The lake is under the management of Perhutani, so it does come with excellent condition and cleanliness. Due to the reason, visitors come to the lake to enjoy relaxation and photography. Some of them want to listen to a rumor regarding the lake as well!

The Nuance
The first thing to know is the fact that Renjeng Lake resides at the foot of Slamet Mountain. No wonder, it comes with a majestic panorama and comfy atmosphere of the mountain. In terms of size, the whole area has the width of approximately 48.5 hectares! It is also surrounded by various trees and plants especially pines and resins. In the morning, tourists can even see thick fog that surrounds the site. Somehow, it emits a mystical ambiance which also becomes another allure of the lake!

Exploring Renjeng Lake
One of the best allures in Renjeng Lake is none other than the history. It is said the lake was once the bathing place for important people of local kingdoms located in Central Java. Another history is related to the presence of thousands of catfishes living in the lake back then. In the past, people even could swim and took a bath with those fishes! There was a rumor, though. Those who took any catfishes got sick without reasons. He wouldn’t even recover unless he returned the fish back to the lake! As the time went by, though, those catfishes disappeared mysteriously in 2010.

Renjeng Lake becomes more popular due to its history and pristine environment. No wonder, lots of people are impressed by the nuance and they promote it to both friends and families. This makes the lake even more famous! Aside from learning the history, people come to the lake to play water and watch numerous types of flora and fauna that live near to the site. The fact is the lake resides within a nature reserve. This explains why visitors may find exotic animals like Bido Eagles and Black Swans!

The next allure in Renjeng Lake is the refreshing atmosphere. It is because the lake resides near to Slamet Mountain, so it shares its soothing air and serene ambiance. This is why many people come to the lake to relax and get rid of stresses. The site is quite perfect for retreating, after all. Don’t you think so?

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Semarang City, a trip to Renjeng Lake may take about 6 hours and 4 minutes as the distance is 223 km. The best route to take is Raya Pantura Street, as it is considered the fastest. The first destination is Paguyangan Sub-District. Later, tourists only need to head to Pandansari Village where the lake resides.

Where to Stay

  • Dahlia Hotel
  • Salsa Dalila Hotel
  • Anggraeni Hotel
  • Green Mulia Hotel

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